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Fueling Your Dynamic Path to Success

Our mission revolves around empowering our customers to readily embrace and continually leverage the latest cutting-edge technologies. We are steadfast in our commitment to enhancing their flexibility and profitability. With unwavering dedication, we guide them through a dynamic landscape, where innovation knows no bounds, ultimately driving lasting success.


A Journey of Boundless Possibilities

Embracing innovation is our compass, guiding us to challenge conventions, paving the way for boundless opportunities. Together, we co-create a world imbued with wonder and infinite possibilities. Our journey is fueled by creativity and our destination is a universe of innovation waiting to be explored, discovered and experienced.


Building Trust, Celebrating Success Together

At the heart of our ethos is the unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value to our customers, employees and partners. We are driven to cultivate enduring relationships, where trust and mutual benefit thrive. We aim to transform collaboration into a delightful journey, where victories are shared and celebrations resound in unison, ensuring everyone’s success.

Our Team

Guiding Your Success through Innovation, Collaboration and Unmatched Expertise

Director - Sales and Operations

Prabhu Hiremath

Prabhu is an accomplished business leader with a dynamic background spanning Engineering & Manufacturing, Software, R&D Operations, Customer Support, Services Delivery, and Sales. Acknowledged for forging impactful global partnerships, leading high-performing teams, and cultivating lasting client relationships. With a steadfast commitment to elevating customer experiences and delivering value, he excels in developing innovative offerings, shaping business models, and actively supporting digital transformation journeys.

At Minutus Computing, Prabhu’s vision is to stay at the forefront of technology and innovation, ensuring a continuous delivery of heightened value to both our customers and employees.

Beyond the professional arena, his passion extends to fitness and travel, reflecting a well-rounded commitment to both personal well-being and a global perspective.

Director - Technology

Manoj Chaudhari

With an unwavering passion for technology and innovation, Manoj has been at the forefront of transforming ideas into cutting-edge technological solutions that drive business growth and societal impact. He is committed to the mission of empowering customers to embrace & leverage cutting-edge technologies and is dedicated to making a lasting difference.

Before founding Minutus Computing, Manoj had an outstanding stint with Dassault Systèmes, where he was instrumental for designing, setting up and managing the R&D Datacenter Operations for APAC and USA. His expertise spans a wide range of technical domains, including software solutioning, system architecture, cloud computing, and emerging technologies.

On the personal side, Manoj enjoys motorbike riding & has embarked on numerous rides across India, follows Cricket & NFL and pursues reading, sketching is his leisure time.

He strongly believes in “Leave it Better than You Found it” in all aspects of life.


Kanchan Vhadadi - Sonalkar

Demonstrating success in program design and aligning business strategy with human resources, Kanchan possesses a decade of experience spanning multiple facets of HR. Her extensive experience in Organizational Development, Talent Management, Policy Formulation, Rewards & Performance Management, and Digitization enables her to adopt a holistic approach to HR functions.

Kanchan is well-liked by the team for her clear communication, attention to detail, and empathetic leadership. She believes in exploring and implementing recent trends and best HR practices to gain a competitive advantage for an organization, which is clearly evident in the culture and operations of Minutus Computing. She has played a pivotal role in ensuring HR acts as a key strategic business driver.

An occasional trekker, Kanchan harbors a dream to explore the Himalayas. She is fond of Indian Classical music and loves to paint during her leisure time.

Advisory Board

Sumit Pal
Advisory Board Member

Sumit Pal

With over 25 years of industry experience, Sumit Pal, former Ex-Gartner VP Analyst, is a seasoned expert in Data Management & Analytics. He advises CTOs, CDOs, and Enterprise Architects on robust data strategies and end-to-end data-driven systems. Sumit excels in architecting data platforms and solutions across the technology stack, from Data Stack to ML / AI. A published author and educator, he’s authored a book on SQLEngines and developed a MOOC on Big Data.

Beyond his professional achievements, Sumit’s adventurous spirit led him to trek to the Mt. Everest Base Camp in 2016.

Sumit’s expertise is an invaluable support towards achieving Minutus Computing’s data-driven innovation and strategy.

Advisory Board Member

Balvir Chawla

Born and raised in Pune, Balvir Chawla holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and an MBA in finance from Pune University. With a rich history of entrepreneurial success, he co-founded Avirat Mobicom’s mobile distribution division, propelling it to leadership in Pune’s market. In 2001, he founded Life Lite, expanding into life insurance and mutual fund distribution, becoming one of India’s first 100 Certified Financial Planners in 2006. As Director of Finnovators Services Pvt Ltd., he advises 4000 families globally, and conducts financial planning sessions, impacting over 3000 students and professionals.

A dedicated Rotarian, he held the presidency of Rotary Club of Pradhikaran in 2014-15 and contributes extensively at the district level.

Balvir’s rich experience and reach in the industry adds great value to Minutus’s mission of constant growth and innovation.

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