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Empowering users with personalized training, easy-to-use tools, and proactive support.

We are a team of 3DX Functional Experts who help customers achieve seamless transition, and transformation in cases of green-field implementations, upgrades, or migration.

What is User Enablement?

User Enablement is a comprehensive approach focused on empowering users to fully utilize the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, understand its nuances and help leverage collaboration across the organization. By offering a blend of business process mapping, training and support, it aims to enhance the user adoption of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and boost productivity from Day 1.

What We Ensure

Faster Onboarding

  • Faster ‘Time to Value’ (TTV)
  • Reduced Support Cost

Increased ROI on Tech Investment

  • Users get started instantly
  • Users have better understanding of the ‘WHY’ behind the technology

Faster Adoption

  • Customers have a better value of the product

Knowledgebase (Best Practices, FAQs)

  • Groomed ‘Super Users’ to provide on the floor support
  • Detailed documentation to cover the most used scenarios
  • Perennial resources (Video tutorials, demos, documents)

Why Enablement?

Unlocking the full potential of your platform
User Enablement helps your team unlock the full potential of your platform by exploring all its features and functionalities. Comprehensive training and resources ensure your team can innovate and work efficiently.
Adapting to Change
Adapting to new tools and processes is made seamless with our Change Management strategies. We provide support and clear steps to help users embrace new workflows confidently.
Mapping your processes to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform
We assist in mapping your current "AS-IS" processes to the optimized "TO-BE" state, ensuring seamless integration with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform for maximum efficiency.
Persona based training & enablement
Our enablement strategies are tailored to various user roles - administrators, leaders, managers, and members - providing targeted training and support for each persona.



Complex Business Processes


Multiple Roles & Responsibilities


User Adoption


Business Process Testing


Training Outreach

What We Offer

Stakeholder Analysis

  • Role based segregation
  • RACI framework
  • Communication plan

Business Process Mapping

  • Gap Analysis
  • ‘AS-IS’ 🡪 ‘TO-BE’ mapping
  • Process workflow definition
  • UAT walkthrough

Content Creation

  • Persona mapping
  • Storyboarding
  • Content Creation
  • Assessment / Quiz

Training Delivery

  • Use case introduction
  • Instructor-Led (Onsite/Virtual)
  • On demand support clinics
  • Assessment / Quiz


  • Weekly support workshops
  • Content Corrections
  • Documentation
  • Train the Trainer

Partnering for Excellence:
Transformative Training Solutions


Master the 3DEXPERIENCE with Expert Training

Contact us today to discover how our Training on 3DEXPERIENCE can elevate your team’s skills, streamline your processes, and drive continuous improvement across your organization.