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DevOps & Automation

Unlock Seamless Development, Operations and Innovation with Minutus Computing's DevOps & Automation Services

At Minutus Computing, we bring you transformative DevOps & Automation Services designed to bridge the

Gap, Streamline Workflows and Fuel Innovation

DevOps Consultancy

Rely on our expertise to assess your current workflows, identify bottlenecks and formulate a DevOps strategy tailored to your business objectives.

CI/CD Implementation

Transform your development pipeline with our CI/CD implementation. From automated testing to continuous deployment, we optimize your processes for speed, reliability and efficiency.

IaC Implementation

Our IaC implementation ensures that your infrastructure is defined, versioned and managed with code, minimizing manual interventions.

Containerization and Orchestration

Tackle portability, scalability and efficiency by encapsulating applications and their dependencies into containers. Platforms like Docker, Kubernetes helps you achieve the same.

DevSecOps Integration

Embed security practices throughout the development and operations lifecycle to ensure the delivery of secure and compliant software. Integrate security measures into the DevOps pipeline, conduct regular security assessments and automate security checks.

Monitoring and Logging Automation

Observability has become key to ensure real-time visibility into application performance and infrastructure health. It is important to implement automated monitoring and logging solutions to detect issues proactively, analyze performance metrics and facilitate quick incident response.

Automated Testing

Feedbacks are so essential for product quality and reliability. Quick feedback through different testing processes & integrating with CI/CD pipeline help to achieve that.

Release Orchestration

Coordinate and manage the release process to minimize downtime and ensure smooth transitions. It helps to automate and streamline the deployment and rollback processes.

Enable release management with Intelligent Tools & Streamlined Processes


Embrace DevOps Excellence with Minutus Computing

Revolutionize your development and operations. Contact us today to explore how Minutus Computing’s DevOps & Automation Services can propel your organization towards greater efficiency, collaboration and innovation.