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Achieve Bulk Data Movement using iPaaS on 3DEXPERIENCE On-Cloud


To export bulk data from the 3DEXPERIENCE On Cloud platform and transfer it to external systems in specific format (Excel/CSV) for further processing.

Primary Goals and Objectives
  • Enable seamless and efficient exchange of bulk data between 3DEXPERIENCE On Cloud Platform and external systems.
  • Implement a reliable integration solution that supports either real-time or scheduled bulk data processing based on business requirements.
Features and Functionalities
  • Develop data mapping and transformation processes to fetch data from 3DEXPERIENCE platform into format suitable for external systems.
  • Design the integration solution to be scalable, considering potential future growth in data volume.
Key Deliverables and Milestones
  • Create a module to transform the fetched data into require format. Handle any necessary data conversions, validations, and enrichments during this process.
  • Implement the module responsible for transferring data to external systems. Ensure compatibility with the target systems and provide error handling mechanisms.

Optimizing data retrieval and transfer processes to ensure acceptable performance for large amount of bulk data.

Ensuring data quality during the transfer process.

Bulk Data Export

Efficient ways to export various data in bulk.

Transform Data Excellent

Capabilities to transform exported data, readying for Load.

Demo Application

Step 1: Fetch data from 3DEXP On Cloud platform through external Application

Step 2: Export fetched data into excel format to share with other platforms

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