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Software Company's Successful First DevOps Implementation: Overcoming Cultural & Operational Shifts.


Our client, a dynamic software development company engaged in numerous application development projects, encountered several challenges at the process level. Upon in-depth analysis and collaborative discussions, we identified areas for improvement and proposed tailored hosting and DevOps solutions. Working closely with the client’s team, we implemented these solutions to address their unique challenges and enhance overall process efficiency.

Primary Goals and Objectives
  • Implement comprehensive DevOps processes, including branching strategies and CI/CD pipelines.
  • Infrastructure (Hosting + Support): Set up and manage multiple Dev/QA/Prod environments.
Features and Functionalities
  • Overcome integration challenges and enhance deployment scalability.
  • Transition to a more user-friendly application hosting solution.
Key Deliverables and Milestones
  • Successful setup and management of multiple environments.
  • Implementation of a robust CI/CD pipeline using GitLab and GitLab CI.

Address operational and scaling challenges in the product lifecycle.

Cultural challenges as customer was first time implementing DevOps.

Deployment Time

Reduced deployment time significantly.

Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR)

Demonstrated a notable decrease in MTTR.

System Downtime

Monitored and minimized system downtime.

Deployment Frequency

Tracked and improved the frequency of successful deployments.

Cost Savings

Evaluated and demonstrated cost savings through resource efficiency and the implementation of cost-effective AWS solutions.


The implementation of end-to-end DevOps processes by Minutus Computing has not only addressed the client's operational and scaling challenges but has also resulted in significant improvements in developer productivity and deployment frequency. The quantifiable metrics and KPIs demonstrate the success and efficiency of the new DevOps strategy.

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