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Minutus Collaborates with a leading US Oil & Gas firm for a Cloud-Native Web App, aiding Data Processing & Analysis.


Our client, a prominent player in the oil & gas industry based in the USA, with the bespoke requirement of managing substantial data that needed interpretation, storage, analysis and visualization. Opting for Microsoft Azure as their preferred development and deployment platform was a strategic choice, driven by seamless integrations with existing systems. Additionally, the client operated within a framework of stringent coding and deployment compliance standards, adding an extra layer of complexity to the project.

Primary Goals and Objectives
  • Develop a cloud-native web application for processing and analyzing customer data.
  • Build a Python application using Docker or serverless technologies on Azure Cloud.
Features and Functionalities
  • Needed an intuitive and effective system for treating data.
Key Deliverables and Milestones
  • Develop a cloud-native web application for efficient data processing.
  • Implement access control for web applications to manage user permissions.
  • Followed sprints with daily stand-up meetings, weekly review meetings and monthly progress demos.
  • Utilized Docker and Azure Functions in a highly secured infrastructure.
  • Implemented Azure DevOps for higher collaboration and deployability.

Processing a large volume of data efficiently.

Follow high level of security & customer compliance.

Deployment Frequency

Increased frequency through the implemented CI/CD pipeline.

Infrastructure as Code (IAC) Implementation

Implemented IAC for efficient infrastructure management.

Code Quality Metrics

Monitored code quality metrics, including code coverage and complexity.

Cost Savings

Achieved cost savings through automation and efficient infrastructure management.


In conclusion, the collaboration between Minutus Computing and Client successfully transformed data processing with the implementation of cloud-native DevOps. The achieved outcomes showcase improved efficiency, security and user access control, demonstrating the project's success in meeting its objectives.

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