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Minutus automates 3DEXPERIENCE Installation, saving Time and Cost on both Windows and Linux platforms.


Recognizing our expertise as leading automation specialists, we embarked on the automation journey to streamline the installation process of 3DEXPERIENCE, leveraging cutting-edge tools. Our primary goal was to optimize the team’s time allocation across diverse customer projects. In a short timeframe, we successfully developed a solution with the key objective of achieving a ‘Blind Installation’ paradigm for the on-premise deployment of the application. This initiative aligns with our commitment to efficiency, precision and customer satisfaction.

Primary Goals and Objectives
  • Automate Installation for 3DEXPERIENCE Platform on Windows and Linux.
  • Database Support for Oracle and MSSQL.
  • Create a versatile tool adaptable to different configurations and customizations.
  • Automate Middleware configuration for Apache, SSL, TomEE, Java.
Features and Functionalities
  • Highly configuration automated Installation for code & database installation.
  • Monitoring & logging
  • Workflow management & control
  • Notifications
  • Documentation
Key Deliverables and Milestones
  • Develop a cloud-native web application for efficient data processing.
  • Implement access control for web applications to manage user permissions.

Complexity: Address intricate 3DEXPERIENCE Platform architecture.

Variable Configurations: Design tool for handling variable configurations and customizations.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Ensure seamless operation on Windows and Linux environments.

Database Handling: Automate setup and configuration of diverse databases.

Time Reduction

Installation Time Reduction, more than 40% time savings were observe.

Error Rate Reduction

Error Rate Reduction due to reduced manual work.


Overall, the 3DXP Install Tool not only fulfills its primary objective of automating installations but also demonstrates scalability, adaptability and user-friendly customization. The collaboration and integration with DevOps principles position the project as a successful endeavor, meeting the evolving needs of efficient 3DEXPERIENCE Platform deployment.

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