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Minutus collaborates with a North American startup, enabling agile IT operations in India through cloud-native apps on Microsoft Azure.

Azure SQL

A North American startup expanding its operations sought Minutus’ expertise in establishing a robust foundation for application development and IT infrastructure management on the Azure Cloud. From day one, our team actively engaged with the client, providing comprehensive support in areas such as infrastructure setup, hardware resource management and even assisting in recruitment when needed. Our collaborative approach ensured a seamless transition and empowered the client to meet their operational requirements effectively.

Primary Goals and Objectives
  • Ensure reliable and efficient application operation, focusing on high availability, data security, cost control, unique web addresses and seamless updates.
  • Design and implement a cloud-native application on Microsoft Azure that aligns with technical specifications, customer requirements, cost-effectiveness and industry standards.
Features and Functionalities
  • High Availability, to ensure continuous project operation.
  • Deployment Slots, for smooth and uninterrupted application updates.
  • Data Backup and Recovery, to safeguard project data.
  • Robust Security Measures, protecting sensitive project data.
Scope of the Project
  • Infrastructure Setup, Configure Azure resources for App Services, SQL Server, Storage Accounts and Key Vault.
  • High Availability Implementation, Set up high availability for critical services, including failover groups, Azure Front Door and geo-replication.
  • Cost Management and Reporting, Establish cost analysis and management practices.
  • Custom Domain Integration, Establish custom domain names for Azure Web Apps through Cloudflare and Azure Portal.
  • Backup and Restore Strategy, Implement backup and restore procedures for data and applications.
  • Deployment Slots for Seamless Deployment, Implement Azure Web App deployment slots for efficient and seamless updates.
Key Deliverables and Milestones
  • Fully functional Azure environment.
  • High availability setup with failover groups, traffic routing and geo-replication.
  • Cost analysis and reporting solutions.
  • Custom domain integration for Azure Web Apps.
  • Backup and restore procedures for data and application integrity.
  • Deployment slots for streamlined application deployment.

Data Security and Integrity, Establishing robust security and backup measures for protecting project data.

High Availability and Disaster Recovery, Ensuring high availability during outages, including failover strategies and geo-replication.

Complexity of Azure Services, Navigating and effectively configuring numerous Azure services.

Deployment Downtime

Reduced update-related downtime with the implementation of deployment slots.

Emergency Failover Time

Seamless system switch to the secondary region in the event of an emergency failover.

Code Quality Metrics

Monitored code quality metrics, including code coverage and complexity.

Scaling Efficiency

Auto-scaling feature demonstrated efficiency by reducing underutilized resources.


The collaboration between our organization and the client resulted in the successful implementation of a cloud-native application on the Microsoft Azure platform, addressing critical challenges and achieving key project objectives. The primary goals of ensuring reliable application operation, enhancing user experience and implementing cost-effective measures were effectively met through strategic infrastructure setup and feature implementation.

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