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Minutus Exemplifies Technical Excellence in Implementing Complex Monolith with Docker for Internal R&D achieving Efficient Deployments & Cost Savings.


Faced with substantial expenses on IT resources for their development labs, the team sought a solution that would concurrently reduce costs and enhance operational efficiency. Our leadership took charge of this initiative, orchestrating its successful execution. The results were remarkable, with a cost reduction of up to 40% and a significant decrease in deployment time, demonstrating tangible benefits for the team.

Primary Goals and Objectives
  • Improve Operational Flexibility
  • Improve Reusability
  • Enhance Hardware Utilization
Features and Functionalities
  • Understand Application Components
  • Automate Docker Operations to build, validate, ship & deploy
  • Design Automation Strategy
Key Deliverables and Milestones
  • Improved Operational Efficiency, Benefiting deployment time and consistency.
  • Enhanced Hardware Utilization, Improving overall cost significantly.
  • Increased Reusability, Enhanced code reusability, reducing redundancy.
Deployment Time

For the monolith application before and after the implementation of automation.

Resource Cost & Utilization

Monitor and compare metrics, such as CPU and memory usage.

Code Reusability Metrics

Assess the code/deployment reusability & time saving before and after

Deployment Consistency

Evaluate the consistency of deployments across different environments


The implementation of Docker operations and optimization measures has successfully improved operational flexibility, hardware utilization and reusability for the monolith application. The achieved benefits are reflected in significant cost saving, enhanced deployment efficiency and resource utilization metrics. Reusability & consistent deployment has shown significant time saving for the entire developer & operations community.

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